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We’ve carefully selected the best Amalfi Boat Tours for you to choose from!

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Spectacular Boat Tours

Buckle up & explore the beauty of the Amalfi Coast by boat!


Our dedicated team curated a list of the best Amalfi Boat Tours for you!


Amalfi Coast Boat Experience

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the unique seaside towns with guided boat rides!

Visit the Amalfi Coast by boat & have a spectacular time!

You have already booked your trip to Amalfi, and now you’re thinking about ways to spend your time in this coastal paradise? With cute seaside towns, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites celebrated for their cultural significance, and informative guided tours of the Amalfi Coast – unforgettable times are guaranteed! No worries; our dedicated team took the time to make your planning easier. Relax and find incredible offers to maximize your Amalfi Coast experience to the fullest!

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Why should you go on the Amalfi Coast Boat Tour?

The Amalfi Coast is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy for many reasons! Located in the Campagnia region in the South of Italy, surrounded by crystal clear Tyrrhenian Sea, it rewards its visitors with natural beauty and many charming coastal villages situated on dramatic cliffs!

Walk through the narrow streets, explore various local artisan shops, taste delicious local products, and don’t miss the opportunity to join Amalfi boat tours! Boat tours enhance your overall experience of the Amalfi. Not only because of the breathtaking scenery from a unique point of view but also because they take you to the hidden gems that are accessible only by the boat and offer a relaxed atmosphere during the tour!

Don’t wait any longer! Board the boat at various meeting points across the Amalfi Coast and allow professional skippers to take your small group on a relaxed experience to the hidden coves and secluded beaches. Make stops in Amalfi and Positano, swim and snorkel in the clear Mediterranean waters, and enjoy the famous Faraglioni rocks and Punta Campanella!

We Found the Best Amalfi Boat Tours!

Take your time to look at the selection of the best Amalfi Coast boat tours! Our team worked hard to select only the best of the best to help you navigate the many options offered online! Whether it’s a day trip with a private tour or a boat tour departing from Sorrento or Positano, we’ve got you covered! Explore the options and find the one that best suits your preferences!

Amalfi Coast Boat Tours – Prices & Overview

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FAQ – Amalfi Coast Boat Tours

What to wear on a boat tour on the Amalfi Coast?

Here are four essential things you should never forget when going on a boat ride - a swimsuit, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses! It's always smart to check the weather forecast before your boat tour departs and make sure your clothing is comfortable and practical. Choose breathable clothing, and consider bringing an overlayer with you in case of wind later in the day. Wear non-slip footwear and bring a waterproof bag with you to protect your personal belongings from possible splashes! If you wish to snorkel during the boat tour, check if snorkeling equipment is available on the boat or if you need to bring your own.

What to do on a boat in Amalfi?

Whether it's a private boat rental or an Amalfi boat tour in a small group, a day spent out on the sea is always a good idea! Relax as the professional skipper navigates through the sea and appreciate the breathtaking views of Amalfi's iconic cliffs and colorful villages along the Coast. Make stops in Sorrento, Amalfi, and Positano and see Li Galli and the Faraglioni rocks. A visit to sea caves like the Grotta dello Smeraldo or Grotta Azzurra, accessible only by boat, allows you to witness the unique light effects caused by sunlight reflection! During the stops, you'll have an opportunity to swim, discover sea wildlife with a snorkeling adventure, or lie down for some peaceful sunbathing on the boat's deck! Private boat rental is also very popular for celebrating or creating a special occasion with your loved ones, allowing you to personalize the tour according to your preferences!

Is it safe to swim on the Amalfi Coast?

Yes. Most of the beaches along the Amalfi Coast are not only beautiful but also very safe to use. If you see a blue flag located on the beach, that means that the beach is exceptionally clean! When going on an Amalfi boat tour, make sure to listen to your guide and skipper! They're professionals and know how to detect sea conditions, water depth, and rip currents. The boat traffic can also get quite busy, and swimming is not a smart thing to do in crowded boat areas. Make sure your guide approves of going into the sea at that location!

When to go on the Amalfi Coast Boat Tour?

Even though summertime is considered the best option when visiting coastal towns, remember that this is the time of year when streets are full of crowds, and prices and temperatures go way up! To avoid this, explore the Amalfi Coast by boat tour during May, September, and October. The weather during these months is warm but not too hot, and the sea temperature is still favorable for a nice swim. If swimming in the sea is not your priority, but you still want to enjoy the unique sightseeing, March and April are amazing choices, with the weather already sunny enough to make boat rides enjoyable. Just make sure to bring a jacket against the wind with you!

Book your perfect Amalfi Coast Boat Tours now!

You’ll enjoy some incredible sightseeing spots with a boat ride across the Amalfi Coast! The famous Li Galli, Faraglioni rocks, and Blue and Green Grotto are just the beginning. The guided Amalfi boat tour rewards you with an incredible atmosphere while cruising the Tyrrhenian Sea! Some tours offer food, while others organize a coach round-trip to the meeting point where the boat tour departs. Take your time to explore the selection we’ve curated for you, and choose the tour of the Amalfi Coast that suits you best!

Experience the charm of the Amalfi Coast by going on a guided tour!

Make the most out of your visit to the Amalfi Coast! Join one of our carefully selected guided tours for incredible adventures across the Coast! Whether you’re looking to roll up your sleeves and cook some regional traditional food or you wish to spend a day traveling to the past with a visit to Pompeii, we’ve plenty of options for you to choose from! Explore the options and make every minute count on your Amalfi Coast trip!