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The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Lemon Tour 2024

€ 50
2.5 hours
Small group
Live tour guide

About Lemon Tour Amalfi

How does spending an afternoon in nature sound to you? Join us for a scenic hike along the Path of the Lemons and hear about the growing process and the lemon heritage of the Amalfi Coast. At the end of the tour, you'll have a chance to taste lemon-based products at the local farm!


Lemon Tour Amalfi

Are you ready to be swept off your feet by the stunning Italian scenery and the smell of famous Amalfi Coast lemons? Join the Lemon Tour Amalfi and follow the Path of the Lemons, taking you from Maiori to Minori in the company of a passionate guide!

The tour starts at Corso Reginna, Maiori, where you'll get acquainted with other lemon lovers in the small group! After a short introduction, start your way across the easy hiking trail, passing beautiful churches and the village of Torre. Your local guide will share fascinating information about the history and culture of the Campagnia region as you enjoy the views of Ravello, Amalfi, and Antrani in the distance.

Reach the farm of Giovanni Ruocco, a renowned local farmer whose family has been taking care of lemons for generations! Discover the unique characteristics of the Amalfi Coast lemons, their cultivations, and culinary preparations as you stroll the gardens of fragrant lemons!

Under the natural shade of the trees, you'll have a chance to taste lemon-based products! Savor lemon salad, citrus jams, and lemonades made of delicious Sfusato Amalfitano! Appreciate the fantastic panorama following you on your way to the Minori, where the tour will end on the main square of this picturesque village.

  • Local guides and instructors
  • Visit to gardens and lemon groves
  • Tasting of lemon-based products
  • Photo service
X not included
  • Transportation
  • Entry ticket to Giovanni Ruocco's farm (extra € 15 to be paid on-site)
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • English
  • Italian
what to bring
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather-appropriate and comfortable clothes
  • Sunscreen and a hat
  • Water
X not suitable for
  • People with medical conditions
  • People over 70 years
amalfi lemon tour ()

Meeting Point

Meet your guide near San Giacomo's church at Via Arsenale 5, 84010 Maiori.

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Path of the Lemons

The guide will take you on a historical walking trail from Maiori to Minori. Enjoy the scenic landscape and hear interesting stories about the area!

The Amalfi Gold

Amalfi lemons, known as the Amalfi Gold, are unique in many ways! Discover the history, the cultivation process, and the significance it holds for the Amalfi Coast people.

Giovanni Ruocco farm

At the local farm, enjoy a stroll through the lemon gardens and taste delicious lemon-based products!

amalfi lemon tour ()

FAQ – Lemon Tour Amalfi

What is the lemon tour?

A lemon tour in Amalfi takes you on a scenic hike between the towns of Maiori and Minori in the Campagnia region. During the hike, you will have the opportunity to learn how Amalfi lemons are grown and transformed into various delicious local products. From liqueurs to desserts, Amalfi lemons are irreplaceable in Italian cuisine! With the lemon tour Amalfi, you'll see lemon groves, gain insights into their harvest and production, and taste lemon-based products on the local farm! Discover what makes Amalfi lemons so unique compared to other varieties, enjoy the stunning landscapes, and gain a deeper understanding of the Campagnia region's heritage!

What is special about Amalfi lemons?

Amalfi lemons, or Sfusato Amalfitano, are highly valued for their unique characteristics. They're irregular in shape when compared to the other lemon varieties and larger, making them well-suited for culinary uses! The zest is full of essential oils, while the flavors of the Amalfi Coast lemons have a sweeter taste and less acidic notes. One more reason they're more favorable for culinary use is their lack of seeds or a small amount of them. Even though Arabs introduced lemons to the Amalfi Coast during the Middle Ages, the lemons thrived in the region, making them world-known as the most aromatic lemons up to today!

Is the Amalfi Coast difficult to walk?

Walking across the Amalfi Coast is generally considered easy to moderate in terms of difficulty. Of course, the level of difficulty depends on your fitness level, the specific path you choose, and the time of year you decide to do the hiking. For example, summertime makes any type of hiking a lot more challenging due to the heat. Path of the Lemons, in particular, is considered a relatively easy walking trail and is suitable for people with average fitness levels. The tour guide makes sure to set the pace suitable for that specific group, allowing you to enjoy the scenery in front of you! Make sure you wear comfortable and supportive footwear, and stay hydrated throughout your hike.

What other tours should I join while on the Amalfi Coast?

Get to know the history, art, and culture of Amalfi with an Amalfi walking tour and enjoy stunning views from a Private boat tour Amalfi Coast! Continue your journey through the flavors of the area with the Wine tour Amalfi Coast, or roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience during the Cooking Class Amalfi Coast! If you're looking for a full-day adventure, join the Amalfi to Pompeii tour and discover the ancient Roman city buried under the volcano eruption in 79 A.D. No matter how you decide to spend your time on the Amalfi Coast, good times are guaranteed!
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Get ready for zesty stories!

Good to know before you go

  • The tour is organized in a small group tour setting, with up to 10 participants per group.
  • The photo service included in the tour is sent later by email.
  • Please be aware that the tour includes a scenic hike along the Path of the Lemons, connecting Maiori and Minori.
  • The hike is of moderate difficulty, and it's kid-friendly.
  • Make sure you have good shoes suitable for hiking and appropriate clothes with you.
  • There are water and lemonade stands along the hiking trail.
  • For a full refund, please cancel your Lemon Tour Amalfi up to 24 hours in advance.
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You’re in for some citrus adventure!

maiori and minori

Lemon heaven on the Amalfi Coast!

Our Lemon tour Amalfi with Federico was incredible! He kept a nice pace for us and shared many interesting historical, cultural, and farming facts about the area. The visit to the farm was a truly authentic experience, along with the lemon tasting! 10/10 adventure and I highly recommend it to all nature and lemon lovers!


A zesty adventure!

At first, I thought I was not made to be hiking along the Path of the Lemons, as I'm NOT a fitness type of person. But the trail and the entire tour were so scenic that I enjoyed every second of it! The guide made sure we were all keeping the pace suitable for the group and shared plenty of fascinating information. I recommend this Lemon Tour Amalfi to everyone!


Enjoy the sweet & zesty flavors in the shadow of lemon trees!

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